Interested in a new career? Want to cultivate a fresh personality trait? Hoping to undergo some sort of physical change? You’ve come to the right place. How to Become That was conceived as a career website, but in typical Saint Paul Media style, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to stop there. The result is an eclectic, encyclopedic guide to becoming whatever strikes your fancy—be it vocational, physical, psychological, or even mythical.

No matter the topic, we’re committed to making How to Become That a high-quality alternative to the misinformation, amateurish writing, and thinly veiled sales schemes that are so readily available online. Each of our articles is based on thorough research from authoritative sources and one-on-one interviews with people who already are what you want to become. When possible, our guides are actually written by Saint Paul Media staffers who have experienced or trained for the career (or whatever) in question.

With each new How to Become That guide, we strive to offer a source of information that is not only trustworthy, but also accessible and fun to read. Our articles are short—we’ve deliberately made them easy to skim and quick to read—so we don’t claim to be a comprehensive source. Instead, we distill a mass of information down to the most basic and important aspects, deliver it with a dose of humor, and then direct you to valuable resources that can answer the rest of your questions. Each article features a Further Reading section, where we recommend books or magazines rich with information—not only about how to become whatever it is you want to become, but also about its history, social context, and probable future. Sometimes, we’ll even include a book of someone’s personal accounts of the ups and downs and hilarious mishaps of the life you’re thinking about taking on, to give you an idea of what you’re getting into before you get too invested.

Of course, like all of Saint Paul Media’s websites, How to Become That is an ongoing project. If we seem to have missed an obvious topic (or just the particular thing you want to become), you can be sure we’re getting around to it, since we add new articles on a regular basis.